Baranduda Garden Barn

Next door to Greenchip Recycling. Whytes Road, Baranduda, (near Wodonga), Victoria, 3690
Ph: (02) 6020 9099

No. 1 - Compost Soil Conditioner

Supplement for flower and vegetable gardens. Application rate of a 40mm layer and dig in to merge top layers.

No. 2 - Composted Groundcover

Groundcover for flower gardens. 22mm screening apply up to 50mm cover depth. Saves water and reduces weeds.

No. 3 - Composted Groundcover

Groundcover for trees and shrubs. 50mm screening apply up to 75mm cover depth. Saves water and reduces weeds.

Baranduda Turf and Garden Blend

Soil Blend Media - Loam and compost blend for vegetable gardens and rose gardens.

Other Products

  • Blue & white crusher dust - For driveways & paths
  • Conmix - For those little concreting jobs
  • White stones
  • Pine Chips
  • Plumber's grit
  • Red mulch
  • Bricky sand
  • Packing sand
  • River stone
  • Crushed concrete
  • Lucerne hay
  • Cement
  • Roadbase - For drives and pathways
  • Redgum chips
  • Blue stone
  • Straw