Industrial Services

Greenchip Recycling also operate an industrial waste treatment Facility tank farm for liquid and solid prescribed industrial wastes (PIW).

Greenchip Recycling operates under EPA Licence 10330 that allows the acceptance of a wide range of waste materials including liquids, solids and specific prescribed wastes.

Description of these waste types (EPA codes) can be found on page 6 and 7 of licence.
Greenchip Recycling operates in a safe environmentally conscious manner with minimal impact on the surrounding environment, focusing on groundwater protection, odor, dust, noise and litter control, quality control and processing procedures.

Greenchip Recycling provides essential services to clients

Waste consulting and advice.

  1. Expert advice on waste management issues and treatment processes.
  2. Development of waste handling and management plans.
  3. Waste characterisation according to EPA Industrial Waste Resource Guidelines (ie IWRG631).
  4. Conversion of wastes back into the economy as commodities.

Regional liquid waste acceptance-

  1. Grease trap wastes
  2. Food wastes
  3. Organic abattoir and meat processing wastes
  4. Industrial waste waters
  5. Oily and triple interceptor waters.

Liquid waste treatment.

  1. Dewatering
  2. Solidification and fixation
  3. Separation.
  4. Waste storage and accumulation pending disposal or recycling.
  5. Manufacture of compost products

Waste transport using licensed subcontractors permitted by EPA Victoria and NSW.