Supplement for flower and vegetable gardens. Application rate of a 40mm layer and dig in to merge top layers.

No. 2 COMPOSTED Ground Cover

Groundcover for flower gardens. 22mm screening apply up to 50mm cover depth. Saves water and reduces weeds.

No. 3 COMPOSTED Ground Cover

Groundcover for trees and shrubs. 50mm screening apply up to 75mm cover depth. Saves water and reduces weeds.

Vineyard and Orchard Composted Mulch

This product is designed to act as a water retaining and weed suppressing mat along vines and around trees. A coarser sample has been developed to do this and at depths ranging from 70mm to 120mm has a life expectancy of 3-4 years.

One cubic metre of vineyard compost will cover between about 30 lineal metres of vine row, approximately 70-80mm deep and 400mm wide. One cubic metre will be sufficient to put around 8-9 fruit trees at 100mm depth.

Trials conducted in vineyards and orchards have proven this product to be very effective in water retention and weed suppression.

Compost Soil Blend

Soil Blend Media - Loam and compost blend for vegetable gardens and rose gardens.