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Greenchip Recycling

When it comes to good gardening, a good soil is everything.

It is more than just the dirt under your nails or the ground beneath your feet – your garden is your soil. It is a world of its own made up of rock particles, fungi, bacteria, water, ions, worms and tiny micro-organisms decomposing organic matter that helps stick soil particles together.

Greenchip Recycling is a commercial composting business based in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia. It produces organic compost that has the ability to enhance Australian soils, which are recognised as having some of the poorest structures and thinnest deposition on the planet.

What is compost?

Compost is the product of mixing different organic materials together and putting them through the process of controlled biological decomposition. This creates a product that is a natural soil conditioner. Greenchip Recycling uses garden green waste and organic matter, which would otherwise be disposed of in a landfill.

Composting of organic material is a relatively new environmentally friendly industry that has emerged during the past two decades in Australia as a means of sustainable recycling of organic wastes. It is a science that, although new to Australia, can be traced back to Roman times in Britain. Since then it has developed to become an environmentally friendly sustainable industry which effectively closes the recycling loop.

A method has been developed over the years, which ensures a quality-controlled product that is environmentally sustainable and friendly in a variety of uses. The benefits of organic mulch are evident in home gardens, vita culture, orchards, vegetable production, tree propagation, general agriculture, forestry and landscaping.

Why should I choose compost?

There are several reasons why you should choose compost, especially if you want the best out of your garden and to care for the environment. By choosing compost you are adding necessary organic matter and nutrients to your soil, which will improve the soil’s structure and help you to retain moisture in your soil year round. Using compost is also the most effective method of breaking down heavy clay soils and has been scientifically proven to help suppress plant disease.

Compost can be used in any garden situation, from vegetable gardens to annual beds, from fruit trees to shrubs and pots and containers. Ground cover composts also retard weed growth.