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Greenchip Recycling established the first commercial organic recycling and composting facility at Wodonga, North Eastern Victoria, Australia, in 1997. It is privately owned and supports local area.

The facility is situated at Whytes Road, Baranduda and receives green waste and other organic materials servicing the North East Victoria and southern New South Wales.

The received material is monitored on arrival for contamination and removed if required. The materials and mulched and blended to form  composting windrows. These windrows are then thoroughly mixed. These windrows are then monitored for temperature, odours, oxygen , moisture and then turned for a period of seven to eight weeks or as required according to Australian standards for composts.

Upon completion of the composting process the material is then screened into four sizes and stored for an appropriate period of maturity. The finished products are then wholesaled to garden supply centres, viticulturists, orchardists, vegetable growers, tree propagators, landscapers and DIY gardeners.

The goal of Greenchip Recycling is to recycle and return to Australian soils as much of the organic material it can in North East Victoria and Southern New South Wales.

Greenchip Recycling working and finished product area is 1.3 hectares of compacted 100 per cent road base, with five per cent cement inclusion and is bonded and drained to a leachate dam.

The facility is licenced to and follows the guidelines set by the Victorian Environment Protection Authority. This complies with management philosophy to establish an organic recycling plant that considers the impact it has on the local environment and uses environmentally sound practices in its operation.

Composting is developing as an important part of municipal recycling programs and Greenchip Recycling endeavours to achieve Government aims to eliminate all organic waste from all municipal land fills in North East Victoria.

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